First of all let me congratulate you on no longer being single, and having someone wonderful to share your life with. Having a girlfriend comes with moments of bliss, but also moments where you don’t know what to say or do without making her frown.

Therefore it if you want to keep your happiness in your relationship, as well as keep your girlfriend happy, here are 10 things you should avoid saying by all means.[/box]

  1. You Remind Me Of My Ex.

It is never a good idea to compare your current girlfriend with your ex-girlfriend. Exes are ex for a reason, and you should avoid comparing them even in your head, let alone aloud.

  1. You’re Definitely Not Wife Material.

Now, this is just hitting her below the belt. If you want your current girlfriend soon to become your ex-girlfriend, you should say things like this.

  1. Did You Come Already?

Seriously?! Shouldn’t you be the one who will provide the pleasure for your girlfriend, without being selfish or annoying? This is being selfish and annoying, as this sentence proves to show that you only think about yourself and your pleasure.

  1. How Many Men Have You Slept Before Me?

Does it even matter? She’s with you and not with them isn’t she? Are you somehow going to value her less or more depending on the number she’s about to give?

  1. Yes, You Look Fat In That Dress.

Even if the dress is absolutely dreadful, never say these words to your girlfriend. Girls are very insecure, especially about their weight. Making comments like these can ruin her self-esteem and damage your relationship.

  1. Is That A Zit? (Even Worse: Are Those Moustaches?)

OK, so she has a zit? She’s only human, too. Quit reminding her of her physical flaws. You will only make her feel insecure and unloved.

  1. Are You Wearing That?man-woman-kiss-bed-400a061807

Think of it this way, if she didn’t like the clothes she was wearing, she wouldn’t put them on in the first place would she? Instead, you can complement her outfits that you do like, and she will probably start wearing those outfits a lot more.

  1. Hey, Is Your Friend Anna/Sarah/Jane Single?

Was that supposed to mean? That if she’s single you’re going to call her out maybe? What’s the point of this conversation? Unless you fully elaborate your train of thought, comments like these can only for hurt your girlfriend.

  1. Aren’t You Going To Do Something To Fix Your Hair?

Please don’t try to change your girlfriend, or it to fix her. As soon you will only have an ex-girlfriend and a breakup to show off with.

  1. Hey, What’s With The Makeup?

So, she might have experimented with her makeup a bit, but if you don’t like it you shouldn’t comment on it. Comments like these will only prove that you don’t care for her, and that you’re trying to belittle her.