Assault offences have no statutory definition but this is an offence anyone could commit if he inflicts harm to anyone. It includes common assault, reckless wounding, assaulting police officer and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. This is something that the person considered to be the defendant intentionally causes the victim to arrest immediate unlawful personal violence. The victim of assault should not live with fear and he should know that the violence did to him is against the law. Threats will not be considered and not classified under assault, but if the defendant carry out his threat, a victim could file an assault complaint on him.

Any person considered a victim of assault deserves to be well taken care of seriously. It often leads to injury which at common law, it is also called battery. It often results to criminal or civil liability depending to those who persecute the law under. There are legal help you can seek anytime to defend your case and can give you justice. Just and excellent lawyers are waiting for your call. You might see them personally thru calling them or sending an email for appointment. Under assault offences, there are several cases classified. Affray is a display of forcible act which may cause others to be terrified is under assault which if it will be proven guilty, you will be facing up to maximum sentenced of five years life imprisonment. Battling cases is difficult if you don’t have an excellent defender. Lawyers play a big part in every case. Once you have good family lawyers Melbourne, there is a great possibility that they could help you to fight for your rights and could send your offender to imprisonment if you live near Melbourne.


Though there is difference between cases of common assault and assault. If you were convicted into this case, do check you charge sheet as they differ usually in terms of their maximum penalty. Common assault has the maximum penalty up to three months of imprisonment while assault has a maximum of five years of life imprisonment. Aggravated assault is punishable by felony since the offender is doing more than threatening. The condition was then accompanied by intent to kill, rob or even rape. The offender who is holding dangerous weapon is considered facing aggravated felony because of his serious intent of inflicting harm to his victim. Meanwhile, those convicted which holds and pointing unloaded gun to his victim will not be convicted under aggravated assault.

It is difficult when you are caught in the situation wherein you are only thinking on how to escape with your offender. There are so many convicted person with assault everywhere especially in the US. It is the highest percentile of case committed by persons in jail. According to the statistics, there are more convicted under the most wanted list of every state police.Anyone could be a victim of assault, therefore if you will become a victim, be sure that you have the emergency number of your state police station plus your lawyer’s contact numbers to file your complaints charges against your offender.