Elevators, as much as they are useful, tend to be quite dangerous as well. While using them, you have to exercise all safety tips to avoid all kinds of potential problems that may occur. If you have kids along, you need to be more careful as one slight mistake can create a huge damage. Kids need to be carefully observed while inside the elevator as a small prank can lead to a bigger issue. Here are few points that you need to take note of while using passenger lifts with your kids. Click here to grab comprehensive information about passenger lifts.

 Be a role model

Kids are very observant. They learn from your actions. You have to keep this in mind always. Have a check on your actions while using the residential lifts, because the good (and bad!) habits that you practice will be passed on to your kid as well. When the lift stops at your floor, always use the open button for opening doors in case of non-automatic lifts. Never try to force open the doors with your hand. If your kid is going to copy that, it could prove to be quite dangerous for him/her. In a nutshell, it is essential mind your manners while inside the lift always, especially when you bring a kid along with you.

 Explain the functionalities of the keys

While it is important to hold your kid’s hand while entering, exiting and inside the lift, it is also important that you don’t scare them too much. Explain the functions of various keys found on the walls of the elevator. It is your duty to re-assure them that in the unfortunate event of an elevator getting stuck, they should not panic. If they are over 5 years old, teach them how to use the alarm bells and make emergency calls during crisis situations.

 Elevator etiquette

Teach your kids the basics of elevator etiquette right from a very young age. Never make them stand near the doors while the elevator is in movement. Never leave them unattended to and restrict them from touching any of the buttons, if they are too small. You must always accompany your kid in an elevator at least till he or she is big enough to understand what to do in case of an emergency. Teach your kids to wait till all the passengers have exited and then enter the elevator.


In case of an emergency, give them the assurance that help is on the way. Be calm and explain to them that the lift is designed in such a way that wires and chords don’t break easily. Never panic before them. If they get scared, they will develop a fear towards elevators and it becomes a huge mental block for them to get over with.